Heartbleed – Big Issue or Not?

Heartbleed and its affect on the ‘net If you’ve been on the internet the last few days you’ve probably seen plenty of information about Heartbleed, a security hole in the popular OpenSSL format. But what is Heartbleed? And more importantly, how does it affect you? Heartbleed is the name given to an oversight in some […]

App Review – PushBullet

I’m always on the lookout for cool productivity apps and PushBullet takes the cake. If making your PC or Mac play nice with your phone or tablet is a priority, take note. There isn’t a better way to do it. PushBullet makes sending files and links easy PushBullet makes sending a file or link to […]

Custom Homescreen – mnml blue v.3

A recent post has generated a lot of questions about my current home screen setup. I decided to dedicate a whole post to how I got this beautiful setup working on my phone. Original design credit goes to ~Connor P over at My Color Screen. First, download all the files you will need here. You’ll […]

HTC One and Custom ROMS

I’ve finally upgraded my device and settled on the flagship HTC One (for me on Sprint). And with any new devices begins the search for the perfect ROM. ROM selection is always a personal choice, so your mileage may vary on each of these, but I wanted to share what I’ve been playing with lately. […]

Device Update – New ROMs Are Fun!

I’ve been a super huge fan of CyanogenMod for several years now. I’ve used it on all my devices. From my HTC Hero CDMA to my current Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) aka the toroplus. I’ve really grown to love the little tweaks and add ons that make the custom ROM just shine. The problem is, however, […]

Plex – Take It With You!

If you love having access to your media on your mobile device like I do, you need to check out Plex. Movies, TV and music all go wherever you have internet access. And depending on how much internal storage you have on your device being able to stream some can make a big difference in […]

App Review – aCar

One of the great things about mobile devices is, well, the mobility! I always have my phone with me. So an app that helped me keep track of car maintenance was a no brainer. aCar helps me keep track of fill-ups, mileage and regular maintenance tasks. All with a clear interface and great Pro options. aCar really shines in what you […]

App Review – AppSync

If you have more than one android device and use the same apps on both, sometimes it can be annoying trying to keep data matching (at least, those without cloud support). Enter AppSync. A “root-required” app that will match data between devices while connected on the same WiFi network. Setup of AppSync is really easy […]

App Review – Shush!

Have you ever been a meeting and had your ringer go off, interrupting everything? Embarrassing to say the least. But what about when you actually remember to turn your ringer off, only to realize 4 hours later it’s still off and you’ve missed all kinds of important incoming notifications? Shush! let’s you silence your device for just the right […]

App Review – Catch Notes

Catch is one of those apps I really can’t be without. When I first started using Android a few years ago I went on a hunt for a really good note taking app. There were lots to choose from in the then Android Marketplace, but I realized there was one major feature I wanted. The […]