App Review – Catch Notes

Catch is one of those apps I really can’t be without. When I first started using Android a few years ago I went on a hunt for a really good note taking app. There were lots to choose from in the then Android Marketplace, but I realized there was one major feature I wanted. The […]

App Reviews – Android apps you really should check out

I’m starting a new series with the goal of sharing a few of the Android based apps I can’t  A few of my current apps on displayseem to live without. I did a full wipe and new setup yesterday and it got me thinking, “I should share some of these great apps with other people!” […]

Prevention Is Key – Protect Your PC/Laptop/Phone from Theft or Loss

It saddens me when I hear about a lost or stolen phone or laptop. Just a few weeks ago a friend lost his phone at a restaurant. His whole life was on there and now it’s gone, possible forever. Contacts, customer information, todo lists, you name it. We live in a technology world, with our lives […]