Samsung Moment – Screen Replacement Guide

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine had an accident with his phone. In the midst of the event, the LCD (or AMOLED in the case of the Moment) became cracked and no longer worked at all. I ordered a replacement screen online and proceeded to dive into the repair. I haven’t ever replaced a screen before, so this was fun and new.  There wasn’t a lot of info on how to get into the Moment without breaking anything, but I did find a thread on Android Forums linking to a guide by forum user pyromatic. His guide was very helpful, and I’m thankful for it being there. In response, I decided to take some photos of my process and put them here, hopefully supplementing his work.

Click on the photos for huge versions. 🙂

With the right tools in hand (mini screwdriver, and a plastic separator of some kind – I have this blue deal I got a while ago for an old iRiver batter replacement project) take the back off and remove the batter and SD card.

Do you have the right tools hand? Let's go.


There are 7 screws on the inside that need to be removed. 6 are obvious, the 7th is under the sticker.

There are three connectors on the mainboard and one more below for the antenna. Also, there’s a connector on the underside of that board.


Underneath that is the mechanism that handles the sliding of the keyboard. Make sure you keep track of which part is top/bottom/left/right. I lost track and this part was really hard to put back together. Remove the 6 screws here.

The ribbon piece will slide through the hole as you remove it. Again, make sure you keep track of which side is top, etc. Remove 4 more screws and you’re almost to the screen.

The plastic sides will need to be pried out gently. The ribbon slides through this part as well. It’s eventually hooked up to the earpiece and digitizer and front buttons. More on that soon.

The next part is a little tricky but you can do it. Working clockwise around the picture from the top left, pull the first two rubber pieces up, then the third piece is glued down. Gently pry up on the bottom right corner, right where the arrow points. The bottom three ribbons I’ll cover in the next picture.

The bottom thre ribbons have release points. I got really stuck here putting it back together because the right attachments have a brown hinge while the left one is black. Figure out how to open each one. Here’s a detailed picture of the direction each should open.

You should now be able to remove the screen. NOTE! The screen is glued down. DON’T FORCE IT! If you’re replacing the digitizer and your screen is ok, it might not be after you ream on the thing. pyromatic used a heat gun to loosen up the glue. The phone I was working on already had a broken screen so I gently pried it out. You do what’s best for you.

Once the screen is off, you’ll have to figure out what needs to be done in your case. The screen that I purchased didn’t come with the buttons, so I had to remove them from on and place it on the other.


Get your new parts in place and start putting it back together! Hopefully this helped you. Make sure work backwards and get everything back in place, the fire up the phone and test out your handywork! Oh, and like always, it’s not my fault if you break something using this information. Try at your own risk.

The guts!

Here’s the full picture set:

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