Heartbleed – Big Issue or Not?

Heartbleed and its affect on the ‘net If you’ve been on the internet the last few days you’ve probably seen plenty of information about Heartbleed, a security hole in the popular OpenSSL format. But what is Heartbleed? And more importantly, how does it affect you? Heartbleed is the name given to an oversight in some […]

Plex – Take It With You!

If you love having access to your media on your mobile device like I do, you need to check out Plex. Movies, TV and music all go wherever you have internet access. And depending on how much internal storage you have on your device being able to stream some can make a big difference in […]

Keeping Tech Current

It’s a rapidly changing world and the world of technology changes even faster. What can you do to keep up with the knowledge of the latest gadgets and tools, let alone be able to afford them? There are a lot of great sites that help you keep up to date on different devices. Some offer content for all […]

New Site – Progress

If you’ve been to Hackety McCrackety lately you’ve noticed…. not much. I’ve been really terrible about updating the site. Lots of stuff is happening, but I realized the platform (Drupal) just made it too hard to update the site. So, as much as I LOVE Drupal, I had to go with something that worked… and […]