Archos 2.3.81 Firmware – Two Days Late and a Dollar Short

I spent part of Saturday and Sunday playing around with root for my Archos 70 Internet Tablet. This little device has taken good care of me for a while. My only real issue was the last firmware update really messed some stuff up. Namely, a battery percentage issue (never hit 100% and seemed to drop unusually fast) as well as a soft bootloop when wifi lost a signal. Oh, and the biggest annoyance was it was SLOW! The previous working version (2.1.8) was just super snappy and worked AWESOME. I don’t understand how things got so messed up in the next two releases but after 2.3.26 was release it seemed that the Archos support team went on holiday. A month and a half went by where I couldn’t use my wifi and the device was barely functional.

Then last Saturday (a few days ago) I decided it was time to root my device and run Uruk-Droid from $aur0n. It was a pretty simple process and I actually did it twice. The first time I followed the standard installation and installed to my SD card. I liked the ROM (and the build on 2.1.8) so much I decided to wipe everthing else and install to the system memory. I’m so glad I did too. This ROM is awesome. If you have a 70 IT or similar I recommend you check it out.

Of course, today (two days later) Archos release the ROM I’ve been waiting months for. Right now I’m not even sure I’ll install it. I’ll probably wait for an Uruk-Droid based on it and install that! I’ll play with it a few days and let you know more.

2 thoughts on “Archos 2.3.81 Firmware – Two Days Late and a Dollar Short

  1. Gopal says:

    What’s so great about uruk droid?

    I have hesitated to update to latest firmware after the last debacle.

    Wondering if I should do it or wait for more feedback to emerge.

    • Hackety says:

      For me it’s primarily the root access and the version, which is 2.1.8.

      2.1.8 was super solid for me and when I updated to 2.3.26 everything went south. I started getting the boot-loop issues and terrible lag. Uruk-Droid 1.1RC is using that 2.1.8 which worked really well for me. That and with root I can backup my apps and data and restore to the next ROM. You could use the SDE and just install 2.1.8 but I also wanted the root access.

      I think you could either go with chulri’s method, or install uruk-droid. But personally I’m pretty leary of the official firmwares after 2.3.26. It looks like the Archos Fans forum is reporting that the new version isn’t much better.

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