Custom Homescreen – mnml blue v.3

A recent post has generated a lot of questions about my current home screen setup. I decided to dedicate a whole post to how I got this beautiful setup working on my phone. Original design credit goes to ~Connor P over at My Color Screen. First, download all the files you will need here. You’ll […]

Samsung Moment – Screen Replacement Guide

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine had an accident with his phone. In the midst of the event, the LCD (or AMOLED in the case of the Moment) became cracked and no longer worked at all. I ordered a replacement screen online and proceeded to dive into the repair. I haven’t ever replaced a screen before, […]

Archos 2.3.81 Firmware – Two Days Late and a Dollar Short

I spent part of Saturday and Sunday playing around with root for my Archos 70 Internet Tablet. This little device has taken good care of me for a while. My only real issue was the last firmware update really messed some stuff up. Namely, a battery percentage issue (never hit 100% and seemed to drop […]

Starting From Scratch

I love playing with Android ROMs. There are so many great developers and ways to tweak your system. About once a month or so I like to wipe everything and start fresh. This is the process I follow to do this. This process is HTC Evo 4G specific but that doesn’t mean it won’t work […]

Android 2.1 (or 2.1.1 as the case may be) on Sprint HTC Hero [Archive]

Using an Android phone is not only a lot of fun but playing around with the firmwares and insides adds to the joy of the platform. Tonight I have been trying out two custom firmwares and wanted to tell you a what I learned through the process. First of all, in order to use a […]