Keeping Tech Current

It’s a rapidly changing world and the world of technology changes even faster. What can you do to keep up with the knowledge of the latest gadgets and tools, let alone be able to afford them?

There are a lot of great sites that help you keep up to date on different devices. Some offer content for all types of electronics. Some are more specific. Some are better than others, but when it comes to some devices (Android vs. Apple for example) it’s good to read several and get a more general sense instead of one person’s view. I happen to be an Android fan, but that doesn’t mean that my articles aren’t biased in that way. The same goes for most tech blogs. Read several and make a decision for yourself and your needs.

The most important question to ask yourself when researching and planning to buy a new device is: Do I simply want this, or will it serve some purpose for me? 

The current culture around tech seems to be more of “that looks cool” and less of “that serves my need well!” I’m guilty of seeing a new piece of tech and thinking that it would be cool to have it, rather than what the device will do to make my work/life easier. Some people can afford to just buy whatever they want. But that’s not a healthy lifestyle nor is it good for the tech world. Researching new tools/toys and buying the right thing for you tells manufactures what people actually use and will encourage manufactures to make better and better devices instead of what they thing is best (usually with the stockholder in mind, not the end user).

Take some time. Research your technology. Don’t feel like you have to buy the “latest and greatest” just because it’s “new.” You may save yourself some money and, even better, find something that works better for you.