App Review – PushBullet

I’m always on the lookout for cool productivity apps and PushBullet takes the cake. If making your PC or Mac play nice with your phone or tablet is a priority, take note. There isn’t a better way to do it.

PushBullet makes sending files and links easy

PushBullet makes sending a file or link to your tablet or phone as simple as sharing back and forth. You can send pictures, PDFs, and more. Want a list of stuff to do later on your mobile device? Use the app to send it right to your notifications bar! And productivity… GO! The app is ready to send stuff either direction so be ready to get creative with how you share stuff with yourself and others.

This app looks amazing

PushBullet App MainscreenDevelopers, take note. When designing an app, use PushBullet as your target. If you get even close you’ll have one amazingly well laid out and beautiful app. The screenshot to the right will show you what I mean. The navigation is just what an app should feel like on Android (I’m using it on Android 4.3 on the HTC One) and is so simple to use I could recommend to my mom to use it. Once installed and signed up (you need a Google Account) everything to start sending files and more is just a few touches away.

Android notifications right to the PC (new feature)

If you’re anything like me, every time your pocket vibrates you probably reach for your device and see what notification just popped up. Not with PushBullet. With the Chrome extension installed you can set up the option to send on-screen notifications of whatever is popping up in your notifications bar on your Android device. And the developers have plans to do even more with it down the road, like even remove notifications you don’t need. I didn’t have to pull my phone out of my pocket three times while writing this post because the extension was telling me exactly what was going on. And check out this video from the developers about how fast it happens:

Change the way you send files to yourself and others

PushBullet sends files not only to yourself, but others that you add as contacts. I use NFC when I’m standing right next to someone and want to send them a link, but with the app you can send them from anywhere to anywhere! It’s so easy to do you can’t help but head to PushBullet first when sharing files with friends.

Download PushBullet from the Google Play Store as well as the Chrome Web Store and give it a try for yourself. And be sure to let me know what you think.