App Review – AppSync

AppSync in actionIf you have more than one android device and use the same apps on both, sometimes it can be annoying trying to keep data matching (at least, those without cloud support). Enter AppSync. A “root-required” app that will match data between devices while connected on the same WiFi network.

Setup of AppSync is really easy and once installed on both devices all you have to do is start it up (making sure to give it root permission on both), and start choosing the apps you want to sync. Once you choose the app you want to sync, decide which device’s data you want to send to the other and you’re off. I found it very handy when syncing my Angry Birds data from my phone to my Nexus 7 so I could continue where I had left off.

AppSync is free in the Google Play marketplace with an optional pro license to remove ads and unlock future features. I haven’t yet purchased the pro version but it’s well worth supporting this developer and future awesome ideas like this one. If you want more information about development, check out the developers thread on XDA.

Check out AppSync in the Google Play Store.