New Site – Progress

If you’ve been to Hackety McCrackety lately you’ve noticed…. not much. I’ve been really terrible about updating the site. Lots of stuff is happening, but I realized the platform (Drupal) just made it too hard to update the site. So, as much as I LOVE Drupal, I had to go with something that worked… and […]

Crashplan – Do YOU have a plan for a crash? [Archive]

After my last post I’ve finally had some time to work with CrashPlan and my new backups situation. I must admit, I’m REALLY liking the new setup. After jumping from the burning Mozy ship, I wanted to support a company that valued it’s users, promised unlimited backups, and had some good software. Oh, and Linux […]

The Mozy Debacle – from the perspective of a “Rotten Apple” [Archive]

I’ve been a Mozy user for a few years now. Their unlimited backup plan was a big draw for me and their software made it pretty easy to backup the data that I wanted to. The best part was a flat rate for an unlimited back plan. Perfect! In fact, I did a LOT of […]

Archos Fun [Archive]

Super stoked for the new Archos Gen 8 firmware update. The latest version out as of a few days ago is 2.1.3 and brings some really stellar bug fixes. So far my favorite has to be the 64MB swap and better sleep management. Another awesome addition for those running the Google Market hack is the […]

Amazing Technology [Archive]

I posted this on another blog a while ago and while in the process of shutting it down, decided to repost this over here. The amazing new technology from Pranav Mistry. See how the world will change under this brilliant mind and feel free to comment below.

Archos Tablet Case [Archive]

For my graduation (I’m a part of the fourth year of Convergence – a pastoral training program from CB Northwest) my wife made me a case for my Archos 70 IT as a graduation present. I happen to really like it.

Archos 70 Internet Tablet review [Archive]

It’s been a fun couple of weeks. My 8 GB Archos 70 Internet Tablet arrived and it’s everything I could imagine and probably a little bit more. For now I’ll be just doing a rough overview and looking into the future of hacking with this device at a later time. The specs on the unit […]

New Toy coming soon! [Archive]

Well, I’m kind of a sucker for new gadgets. And when I get my mind on one, it’s pretty consuming. I think¬†Darren Kitchen of Hak5 fame has it right when he calls it “technolust.” Archos released their next major Android Tablet today, the Archos 70 Internet Tablet.¬†This 7″ beauty comes loaded with Android 2.2, a […]

BlackMod and all the Rooted Goodness that is Android [Archive]

I’ve really, really gotten to love the new ROMs from #teamdouche coming out right now. They’re released via Cyanogen on I played around with the nightlies for the better part of August and September, but recently have settled on a gem of a workup from jaybob413. You see, jaybob413 has taken the pure bliss […]

Subsonic Media Server [Archive]

Check out for one killer way to get music from your desktop to your Android phone no matter where you are (Wifi and 3G supported). Right now I’m listening to The Darkness streaming from my Windows PC (Linux and Mac supported too). Grab the program and app and start enjoying your music when you […]