Archos Fun [Archive]

Super stoked for the new Archos Gen 8 firmware update. The latest version out as of a few days ago is 2.1.3 and brings some really stellar bug fixes. So far my favorite has to be the 64MB swap and better sleep management. Another awesome addition for those running the Google Market hack is the addition of an Android ID. For apps that require a device to identify and authenticate with the Android Market, the new firmware will allow that to happen. This means the stellar Spark 360 app now works on my Archos 70 IT. Rock on.
If you haven’t update yet, just do a wipe (Android only, leave your files) and check it out. I think you’ll be stoked. download page

UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion as to the version number. The device is showing 2.1.3 where some forum posts reference 2.1.03. Archos changelog confirms the version number of 2.1.3.