Crashplan – Do YOU have a plan for a crash? [Archive]

After my last post I’ve finally had some time to work with CrashPlan and my new backups situation. I must admit, I’m REALLY liking the new setup. After jumping from the burning Mozy ship, I wanted to support a company that valued it’s users, promised unlimited backups, and had some good software. Oh, and Linux support for down the road. I’m not currently using Linux on my primary (I know, I know) but I do want the option. Crashplan does all this.
Crashplan’s first win is the simple number of backup options. You can backup to a local harddrive, a local computer or a friends computer. For the awesome price of $5.00 per month (they have even cheaper options available here) you can backup to the cloud and have ultimate piece of mind. I don’t know about you, but I’m all ABOUT the cloud. Currently my philosophy is to use the cloud whenever possible. Crashplan calls it the “3x Protection” and I think it’s awesome.
Most recently I’ve purchased a Seagate FreeAgent 2TB external hard-drive from Costco. I really didn’t want to backup my movie collections to the cloud (not because Crashplan couldn’t handle it, it just didn’t make sense for me bandwidth wise) and offer my friends and family backup options via the Crashplan application. Now I’m all set up and have my wife backing up to that drive. Piece of cake.
Peace of mind. It’s worth $5 a month. If you’re leaving Mozy you can save 10% for a year signup.