BlackMod and all the Rooted Goodness that is Android [Archive]

I’ve really, really gotten to love the new ROMs from #teamdouche coming out right now. They’re released via Cyanogen on I played around with the nightlies for the better part of August and September, but recently have settled on a gem of a workup from jaybob413. You see, jaybob413 has taken the pure bliss of the CM 6 nightlies and wound it into pure silkiness. Patching the little issue with the camera (check out the CM forums for more about that) and including a sexy blue, black, red or “vanilla” theme makes this ROM worth checking out. Grab the gapps from the jaybob413 post or get the new YouTube from CM here.
All in all, this ROM is by far the best. Team Douche delivers on the core and jaybob413 works up a sexy little package to go with it. See for yourself: