Archos Update – the struggle continues

A week or so ago Archos release the next firmware update for the Gen 8 series of Android based tablets. I’ve been struggling for a solid firmware since the update from 2.1.8 (which was super solid). The latest version does have some neat feature additions (good for you Archos, still adding to the device) but some major annoyances.

First of all, the battery doesn’t charge completely. Well, actually I think the battery does charge completely, but the battery indicator in the status bar never goes above 90%. Secondly, the device seems way more sluggish than the 2.1.8 firmware. Others have reported that the new version is “more responsive” but I’m not seeing it. I did a full wipe from the recovery before flashing 2.4.19 and am still having problems.

So, since then I’ve flashed the SDE (warning, this WILL void your warranty, even though this is an Archos supplied tool) and used chulri’s root method. I had been using Uruk-Droid but the latest version (1.5) didn’t support the cinema plugin, which I use all the time (the tablet is for watching movies and reading books!).

Having root doesn’t make my device much faster, and it sure doesn’t fix the problems with the stock firmware, but at least I have full backups of my apps and little tweaking abilities. When the next version comes out (or if I finally decide to go back to 2.1.8) I’ll be able to move my apps with the greatist of ease (Titanium Backup FTW!).

How’s you Gen 8 device? Working? Would you like more detail of how I achieved this? Let me know in the comments below.