New ROMs are Fun

I’m not one to wait around for the stable ROMs. No, I like to live life on the edge. So the new RC from Cyanogenmod was right up my ally. Based on Android 2.3.4, Cyanogenmod is a fully loaded (not bloated) custom ROM for a large list of phones. My HTC Evo 4G has been running the latest versions of CM7 since the day I got it (day one root for the win!). The latest ROM features the ability to use the new version of Google Talk with video support. I have yet to fully test this (as no one with video capability has been online since doing it) but it looks awesome.

I also just got a new HDMI cable today to test the HDMI out on the phone. CM7 supports full mirroring in 720p so I was excited to check it out. The first test froze the phone. The second test returned a “cable unplugged” report (obviously it wasn’t). Finally, after a few hours of research on XDA, I found theĀ SavagedZen-2.2.1-BFS-HAVS-signed kernel worked. Using HDMwIn I was stoked to see my screen displayed on my 32″ television and play a little Angry Birds.

I’m still testing the kernel but I’ve noticed a marked speed increase. Only time will tell what the toll on the batter is. Got some nice quadrant scores though.

Quadrant Score with Savaged-zen 2.2.1 BFS HAVS